On average, San Diego experiences over 250 days of sunlight and only around 40 days of rainfall each year. People living in San Diego will experience around 50 more sunny days than the rest of the U.S. As a homeowner, if there is a great city to have a deck, it is San Diego. Homeowners in this city are going to have more days to enjoy having an outdoor living space. A deck is going to add value to your home, provide a space to enjoy nature, and give you a place to relax and host parties. A deck often becomes one of the most treasured aspects of a home. If you are looking to add one to your home, make sure you make and design the deck in a way that is going to make it add value, last a substantial amount of time, and have the atmosphere you are looking for. The four most common types of materials to make a deck out of are: wood, aluminum, plastic, and composite. What materials should you use to make your deck?


A wooden deck is the most common choice of deck for homeowners.
Homeowners like wooden decks because:

The negative aspects of wood are:


Though not common, aluminum decks have benefits that outweigh other types of decks.

The reasons people purchase aluminum decks include:

The negative aspects are:


A plastic deck is made completely of new or recycled plastic.
The positives aspects of having a plastic deck are:

The negatives include:


This material is a combination of both recycled wood and plastic.
The positive qualities of a composite deck are:

The negatives are:

There are countless types of decks options available. The options only seem to be increasing as decks become more popular. As you research, there is no right answer. Your style, plan for use, money available, style of home, and willingness to maintain the deck are all going to play into what type of deck is going to work best for you.